5 Distinct Advantages of Volga Dream

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    Intimate Cruise Experience

    The passenger capacity of our ship is only 109 guests. This is much fewer then most of the other ships can offer and results in a very intimate family atmosphere on board. Also our shore excursions are conducted by best and carefully selected guides with a maximum group size of 25 guests on the Gold program and just 15 guests on the Platinum program. It means that during the cruise you will easily strike up new aсquaintances and become part of our united Volga Dream family.

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    Luxury Downtown Hotels
    Why spending half of your trip aboard the vessel moored in the outskirts of Moscow and St. Petersburg? At the Volga Dream we are convinced that while in Moscow and St. Petersburg our guests should stay at great hotels which are perfectly located in the historic heart of the city. You won't waste your precious hours in traffic jams getting from the river port to the city center. Instead you will be living within a short walking distance of all major attractions, theaters and restaurant and will enjoy extra time for your independent exploration of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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    Dedicated Hand-Picked Crew

    Family owned and operated, the Volga Dream offers a truly Russian cruise experience. All our crew members are Russian natives fluent in English and hand-picked by the Owner, whom you can frequently meet aboard the ship. Proudly, the Volga Dream is famous for her hard working and very hospitable personnel who take care of every aspect of your life on board and do their best to organize a seamless journey for you.

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    Personal Approach to Every Client

    You would like to customize your tour and arrive earlier or extend your journey for another couple of days after the group tour ends? We are here to arrange the ideal river journey for you. According to your preferences we can book extra nights at hotels, arrange optional sightseeing tours, diversify your evening activities with theater or circus visits, reschedule your airport transfers, offer convenient flight solutions and take complete care of your Russian visas.

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    Rich On Board Program

    Get ready for an exciting journey into the Russian past with professional lecturers, try the most delicious dishes of traditional Russian cuisine, enjoy the masterpieces of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov, and learn some useful phrases in Russian - we guarantee you will find an amusement to your liking! Our on board program includes four fascinating lectures by Russian professors about Russian history and politics, a costumed Russian tea ceremony, Russian cooking class, lessons of the Russian language, festival of Russian cuisine, vodka tasting party, piano concert of Russian classical music, Matreshka painting master class, and many other activities aimed at enhancing your knowledge of our outstanding country.

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