The biggest city in Europe, Moscow is a modern metropolis with a medieval heart. The dynamic capital of Russian political, financial and cultural power is a city bursting with excitement that hosts some of Russia’s most iconic sites.

Russia’s dynamic capital is a city bursting with excitement that is home to some of the world’s most iconic sites. Stand on Red Square and take in the great red walls of the Kremlin, Lenin’s Tomb, and the magical colored domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral in one sweeping view. Enjoy performances by outstanding ballerinas at the world-famous Bolshoi theatre, admire the hundreds of priceless artworks by Kandinsky and Malevich at the Tretyakov gallery or be dazzled by the diamonds on display at the

Kremlin armory. Moscow is a great city of contrasts, here the contemporary mixes with the ancient, sparkling skyscrapers brush up against ancient golden-domed cathedrals, while quiet cobble-stoned lanes hide behind bustling wide streets, lined with a wealth of world-class restaurants and bars. Cosmopolitan and forward-thinking Moscow rivals New York as a city that ‘never sleeps’ whilst the memories of some of the most important events in world history brood on every corner.

St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow Novodevichiy Monastery in Moscow View on the Moscow Kremlin from the Moskva River