The small Golden Ring town of Uglich dates all the way back to 937, but it was in the turbulent times following the reign of Ivan the Terrible, that the town became the site of one of the most significant deaths in Russian history.

Violence trails a violent man even in death. Ivan the Terrible’s young son Dmitry was killed in Uglich in 1591, marking both the end of the Rurik dynasty and the advent of the Time of Troubles, Russia’s most turbulent political era. The Romanovs canonized Dmitry, and in 1690 built the

Church of St. Dmitry on the Blood, a blue-domed cathedral located on the spot of the boy’s death. Dating to 937, Uglich features many other examples of ancient Russian architecture, notably the Assumption Cathedral of the Alexeievsky Monastery, a pearl of the Russian medieval period.

Church of the Transfiguration in Uglich Samovars market in Uglich Chapel of Dimitry in Uglich