Why Take a River Cruise in Russia?

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    See More Pay Less

    Moscow and St. Petersburg are brilliant cities that worth a visit at least once in a lifetime! However the real Russia is far more than its two renowned capitals and modern large cities. It's in small rural towns abundant in historical landmarks, tiny settlements preserving centuries-old traditions, and Russia's unique inspiring nature. Our river cruises is the best way to see all these hidden gems of Russia in the most comfortable and cost-effective way at a price twice as less as that of a land package tour.

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    Deep Russian Insight

    Bring great learning element to your trip and glue together the colorful mosaics of people, history, traditions, religion, music and art - all what is known today as Russia. Escape from the hassle and bustle of big cities and enjoy the great views of Russia's rural countryside cruising along the historical heartland across 5 rivers, 2 great lakes, 2 man-made canals and 19 locks that are part of a 1,800 km long waterway between Moscow and St. Petersburg. Be ready to re-evaluate your knowledge of Russia, its culture and history, as you will meet local people and see their habitual lifestyle, explore traditional crafts and try the most delicious dishes of Russian cuisine, listen to the best pieces of Russian classical music and attend interesting lectures by experienced professors.

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    Utmost Comfort & Personalized Service

    Our cruise ships provide the comfort and superior service comparable to those of premium city hotels. We want our clients to enjoy every bit of their cruise experience and indulge into the luxury that is usually not available in remote rural areas. That is why our crew is eager to do their best to provide you with the smoothest trip ever. Starting from airport transfers, to remarkable hotel and on board accommodation, to carefully-planned tours, to warm welcoming atmosphere on board - our Russian river cruise is a journey you will remember for years to come!

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