Volga Dream Travel Stories

Moscow river cruise became one of the most thrilling and unforgettable voyages in my life! I’d never imagined that I would happen to find myself in the capital of Russia, and now I’m so thankful to my husband’s friends who had advised us to choose Moscow and Volga Dream!
I had never expected that for such an experienced traveler I am, St. Petersburg could turn out to be a chest with unique treasures and diamonds! I was delighted at seeing broad streets and spacious squares with impressive architectural complexes!
I was once lucky to go on a river cruise and, frankly speaking, I could never imagine a more fascinating trip. My water travelling experience began in Moscow where I stepped aboard a luxury Volga Dream ship to enjoy a truly Russian trip full of exclusive impressions and “wow” moments.
This time I continue my Russia cruising story with telling about the trip itself. When selecting the trip program among those three ones available on the Volga Dream site, I opted for the happy medium – the Volga Dream Gold Program that offers a 12-day river cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg. This is how it all came about.
As a travel nut, I thought nothing could make much impression on me until I visited Kazan. I loved it as soon as I arrived. Fusing the Tatar culture with the Russian one, this is an extremely unique city that boasts a 1,000-year history and offers a whole bunch of attractions for the most experienced tourists.