Russia river cruise reviews

My wife and I and four friends wanted to do a boat trip between Moscow and St Petersburg and didn’t want one of the fleets of ships with 200 passengers. And in addition to size we found a number of negative TripAdvisor reviews on many of those larger ships. We found the Volga Dream which takes only 100 passengers and which is privately owned by a Russian family. It could not have been better. The crew was exceptional in their friendliness and professionalism, and the boat itself was in wonderful shape and exceptionally well maintained. Despite having 100 passengers, we never found any place too crowded to do exactly as we wanted. The shore excursions were very well planned and executed. And the food was excellent. We would warmly recommend the Volga Dream to anyone wanting to do either Moscow to St Petersburg or the opposite direction.

Rick Dowden
United States

We can not sing the praises of the Volga Dream loudly enough. Our services have been wonderful and food exceptional. The most outstanding feature is definitely the wonderful warmth of the Russian crew. We felt so welcomed and part of a big family. It was hard to leave and we thank you so much. We wish all good health and happiness.

Dennis & Gabriel Connell

All excellent, as expected, and lived up to deserved reputation as BEST ship between Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Charles Webb
United States

We very much enjoyed this cruise. Staff were friendly and helpful and put up with our attempts to speak Russian to them. Russian language classes would have been even more helpful if they had been held the first three days rather than spread out, as I learned some words that I could have used earlier.

James Walter
United States

The whole crew showed unbelievable professionalism, proficiency and friendliness. It has been a wonderful experience.

John Matthias
United States

Thank you for your wonderful Russian hospitality and your generosity of spirit. We love you all.

Michael & Alexandra Naisbitt

I can not speak highly enough of the comfort & ambience of the MS Volga Dream, it has exceeded all of mine and my husband’s expectations! Your staff of all levels are to be highly commended for their courteous, professional and friendly manner in which they carried out their daily duties. I will have no hesitation in recommending the Volga Dream and its team to any of our friends as the most НЕЗАБЫВАЕМЫЙ and pleasurable experience.

Christine Mayne

All aspects of this tour exceeded our expectations. We were very pleased with friendly staff and quality of environment and service provided.

Jennifer Warren

Fantastic trip. Provided us an opportunity to see portions of the country we might not have seen otherwise and to meet some interesting people. We appreciated especially the ability of the staff to communicate effectively with non-Russian speaking guests.

James Byerlotzer
United States

Very enjoyable cruise. Loved seeing & learning about your beautiful country. Going home with lots of lovely memories.

Helen Bryant

The trip to Russia with Volga Dream was a success across the board. Very good hotels, competent guides, nice rides. The stay on the ship was extremely pleasant. The staff were very obliging and friendly. The meals on board were excellent. The lectures and other activities on board very pleasant and instructive. I would recommend Volga Dream to anyone who wants to visit Russia.

Monique Verbrugge

Never having been on a cruise, we were unsure of what we would experience. We were very pleasantly surprised, the staff were excellent, food was delicious, entertainment was enjoyable, lectures opened our eyes to the history of Russia and in general we had a wonderful time. Our fellow passengers also made our trip one with wonderful memories.

Peter & Annemieke English

Volga Dream provides the most magnificent cruise imaginable! The cruise boat is beautiful, staff are very friendly and engaging, food is fantastic 5 star dining and the tours are all worthwhile and informative. Yulia as cruise director is professional, knowledgeable, and understands everyone's needs easily. The cabins are comfortable, lounges and sitting areas well decked out. Everything about the cruise is exceptional.

Rodney Greenaway

We enjoyed every single minute of the holiday. The hotels were situated centrally we could walk around easily being able to walk into the square where the Hermitage was just around the corner from hotel was amazing. The boat was a lovely experience. The staff were very attentive. Food was excellent. Trips from the boat very interesting. Good guides The Kremlin was so interesting. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Jacqueline Lapwood
Great Britain

Booking and payment were both very efficient. The staff on board the Volga Dream were very attentive and the journey was indeed memorable, especially the food. Excursions were well organised and guides were generally well informed and pleasant. I would certainly recommend Volga Dream to anyone wanting to experience an enjoyable and relaxing tour.

Bryan Morris
South Africa

Excellent staff. Very helpful always smiling and provided excellent service. Food is excellent, also your waitresses are provided excellent service. I specially mention your head waitress. She is fantastic. Your Captain and the technical staff provided excellent service and provided us smooth and safe journey till the end. The places visited during the sailing was very good and I really admit that we could see your country very typical villages and the culture and also the historical places. Of course I will recommend anyone who wants to visit Russia to select your lovely Volga Dream.

Indrakanthie Perera Badd
Sri Lanka

Everything was very good and we enjoyed ourselves. It would have been great if we were able to buy a small book of your recipes - at least your salads. They were very tasty. Thank you very much.

Fedor & Tamara Rudkovsky

Ship staff's friendliness, training, sense of fun that never crossed the line with professionalism was OUTSTANDING. Thank you for one of the best trips of our lives. Russia is an incredibly nice and interesting country!

Hilary Midon
United States

The experience couldn’t have been better! The crew was excellent and the food very good. But the presentation of churches, galleries etc. should be shorter. The presentations were all extremely knowledgeable, but with information overload it is difficult to remember any of it.

Daphne & Rob Baker
United States

I am fond of traveling by water and at first I didn’t expect anything extraordinary in my trip by the river Volga. But I was mistaken, this river cruise was something unforgettable, an incredible experience I had never had before. I was sure that we would admire just the ship, floating along the river bank, and observe the local landscape. Indeed, the program surprised me on the board and after the disembarking: we had an excellently planned tour around the historic places of the cities, interesting video presentations on the most significant moments in the history of old Russia. My trip was worth passing it through!

Alexander Powell
United States

I have never thought that these Moscow river cruises would surpass my expectations. The Volga Dream made me feel as though I am a queen and the owner of the ship. It was a pleasure to socialize with people from different countries and exchange our traveling experience with each other. We were staggered by hospitality and heartiness of the crew and local people. I even could not assume that I would find out so many interesting things aboard and while visiting sightseeing places of Moscow and St.Petersburg. That amazing trip has sunk into my mind and will be kept until the next visit to Russia.

Marcia McCormack

I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the cruise. I knew it would be nicer then an average Russian cruise, but our experience went above and beyond our expectations. The food was fantastic, the service fabulous, the tours interesting. Having lived in St. Petersburg for the last two years, we were just looking for an interesting way to see Kizhi, the Golden Ring and Moscow. Instead, we had one of the best weeks here in Russia.

Courney Sebold
United States - Russia

I was surprised at the quality and variety of the food (especially the vegetables and vegetarian options). Complements to the chef for ingenuity! The best part of spending time on the Volga Dream was getting to meet the crew. They are such a gracious and talented group of people who really went out of their way to make sure everyone had a wonderful journey.

Philippa Calnan
United States

I want to express, in the name of Asteria Expeditions and our 8 clients that this cruise was exceptional and was highly appreciated. All my clients have traveled worldwide in luxury accommodations and this is a real 5 star deluxe!

Paul Loose, Travel Director, Asteria Expeditions

As we say in England, I consider this to be a “tight run ship”. Probably the biggest complement that can be given.

Gillian Freeland
United Kingdom

Friendliness trumps all. Quality throughout.

Steve Eisen
United States

Needs are met before you even know what they are.

Giack Selloni

As a feng shui consultant / environmental psychologist, I am very critical about physical spaces and how they affect our feelings and behavior. The Volga Dream is SUPERB. The ship, the food, and the service are excellent. The staff is extremely friendly and always fills your requests. Thank you for one of the most excellent vacations and by far the best river cruise we have taken!

Vincent Smith
United States

What an amazing cruise! The boat is beautiful, and spotlessly clean, but the crew are the best part – all wonderfully pleasant and helpful, and very nice.

Mr. and Mrs. Condon
United States

The Volga Dream is a wonderful way to see a beautiful country. We enjoyed the history and the culture of Russia. A rich heritage that all should know.

Margaret Snowden

One of the best “small” ships we have been on. I would recommend this trip to anyone planning a holiday in Russia.

Patricia Walker
United States

In 45 years of traveling to 65 countries this was the best, most friendly, most helpful, most cheerful, most customer focused service by far. We will highly recommend to others. It was well worth the premium we paid.

Joseph Barna & Mrs. Andrea S. Barna
United States

Every year, our favorite family water trip is the Russia river cruise. If you ask us “why”, we would only say that it is splendid. The Volga Dream is a marvelous ship with the best crew on board that makes you forget everything bad; all your sorrows and anxieties disappear immediately. This trip comprises many aspects: if you need entertaining, you have it; if you are eager to broaden your horizon – many chances to fill in the gaps. Every year brings something new and fresh into our life. We keep all the moments and emotions with warmth and tenderness.

Jeff Masmanitis

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